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    Please use the forms provided online to set up new events in the system. These forms are constantly updated. Please do not save or convert them to a word processing program.

    The forms include information that we need to set up your event properly. Please fill out each form completely before submitting. If you have questions regarding how to fill out a form, email your primary contact or programming@boxofficetickets.com.

    Downloading Current Setup Forms

    All forms are available online through the BOT Manager. Download the forms you need to set up new events as you need them. This will ensure that your form is current and up to date.

    Log in at www.boxofficetickets.com
    Select the BOT Manager tab
    From the "Manage" pull down, select the "set up worksheets" link
    Locate and download the appropriate form

    Forms can be submitted by email or fax. There is an option on the form to submit by email or you can save the form to your computer and attach it to an email message. Please email your forms to setup@boxofficetickets.com or fax them to 800-FAX-TIXS (800-329-8497) or 503-715-5727.

    Once forms are received, we can usually have your event online within 36 hours.