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    To access your status report:

    1. Log in to the BOT Manager
    2. On the Dashboard::Simple tab the number issued appears next to each date
      You can find additional information by clicking the "S" icon across from the date.

    To access your daily reports:

    1. Log in to the BOT Manager

    2. Under the current event listing, select the "A" or "W" icon to the right of your program listing
      The information will process and the report will open in a new page

    To access your settlement report:

    1. Log in to the BOT Manager
    2. From the Dashboard tab, Select Manage > Settlements
    3. Select the PDF report icon to view the associated settlement report

    Please note: You do not need to do anything to settle a show. Our Accounting department will automatically generate a check the week following a performance.

    Other reports:

    All other reports can be accessed through the report selector, which follows you through the system. Anywhere you see the report selector icon you should click on it to open a complete list of all available reports. Sometimes the easiest way to find what you're looking for is to search the page for a keyword. Please contact your client services representative if you can not find the report you are looking for.