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  • Collecting Information From Patrons Signing Up For An Address Book:

    You can set up a series of questions that will be asked of guests when they sign up for your address book. Throughout the system this featured is called the Q&A³ tool. Our Q&A³ engine provides you with tools to fine-tune your collection of information and interaction with guests.

    You can add an open ended Address Book question as follows, allowing the guest to enter their own answer:

    1. Log in to the BOT Manager.
    2. Select the address book tab
    3. Select the name of your address book
    4. Select the Preferences icon in the grey toolbar
    5. Select the Q&A Tab
    6. Select the Question icon, located towards the bottom of the page
    7. Fill out the form, noting that the fields in red are required.
    8. Use the following settings:
      Under the ABC section, check off the "allow entry" box
      Under the ABC section, check off the "entry for public" box
      For Cloak, select ?public?
    9. Save Changes