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    I sell tickets through your system. How do I check my sales?

    Log in to the BOT Manager. On the Dashboard::Simple tab the number issued appears next to each date.

    I sell tickets through your system. When and how do I receive my ticket sales income?

    Our Accounting department will automatically generate a check the week following a performance.

    I sell tickets through your system and received a check for my ticket sales. However, there wasn't a statement with it. How do I know what this check is for?

    Log in to the BOT Manager. From the Dashboard::Simple tab select the "settlements" link.

    How do I change the name associated with an order?

    Please do not change the name of the purchasers, as this will change that entire record. Rather, edit the confirmation number and add a note under "details by customer". Those will appear on your evening's reports for ticket pick up.

    What happens when a credit card is declined?

    If they're declined online they have the option to enter a new card number. If they don't enter a new card we hold their order in the system and try to contact them for payment. If they're unresponsive we delete their order. If it's at the door and you're using our POS/cash register you should take another form of payment and let us know about the declined order so we can delete it.

    How can I ask the system to reissue a set of tickets that the customer did not receive in the mail?

    Log in to the BOT Manager. Locate their order. Click on the blue check in the fulfilled column, turning it into a double dash and their tickets will print in our next mail run.