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  • Adding Prices & Coupons

    Every price belongs to an item. Prices represent what a customer will pay during the ordering process. Each item may have an unlimited number of prices assigned to it. Each price may optionally be set up with a coupon code to allow guests to order at a special reduced price.

    You can add your own prices with or without coupon codes, as follows:

    1. Log in to the BOT Manager.
    2. From the Main Menu's Dashboard Tab, select a Sub-program (or performance date/time)
    3. Within the current item, under the available prices, select (+) Price
    4. Name the discounted price exactly what it's full price counterpart is named. (For regular you can leave the name field blank)
    5. Add the discounted amount to the "amount" field. Select the appropriate radio button to apply the amount as a deduction or percentage off the full price. Leave the radio buttons alone if you are entering the actual amount of the ticket.
    6. Add the coupon code name to the "code" field
    7. Set the cloak to "internal"
    8. Leave the auto-adds on their defaults, unless you have multiple performances to cover
    9. Save Changes