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  • Three by Ten & More by S. Renee Mitchell is a series of three 10-minute plays that deals with love, history and bullying. Love Me Right is a poetic Valentine's Day encounter to help a single woman and a married couple recognize that the heart is never safe when it is lured out to play like it doesn't mind the risk of falling in in love. Blood is Thicker Than Color considers a Native American family during America's dark days of chattel slavery learn that family's blood is more meaningful than one's skin color. Shaping of An Avalanche is about the memory of a bullied high school girl who commits suicide leads to a series of events that turn the table on her bullying classmates and leads to an unexpected surprising ending. Bonus performances and audience discussion will follow the stage readings. "Words have power. Choose them wisely." S Renee Mitchell, Actress, Director, Playwright and 2019 Spirit of Portland Award Winner.

    Part of Fertile Ground: A City-wide Festival of New Works

    Run Time

    1 hour