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  • The Music Department and the Center for Contemporary Music (CCM) host a special series of three concerts and a symposium to celebrate the 51st anniversary of the CCM and its amazing history. The first two concerts feature compositions and performances by stellar CCM graduates and faculty chosen from each decade of its existence. On Saturday afternoon, a symposium titled "Mills Women in Electronic Music"" will be hosted by Professor David Bernstein and will feature Mills' alumnae as panelists. The final concert on Sunday afternoon will feature current CCM faculty performing recent work.
    Concert #2 features works by:
    Blue Gene Tyranny (Decertified Highway of Dreams for 2 pianos, performed by Sarah Cahill and Regina Schaffer)
    Tara Rodgers
    Kristin Miltner
    Gino Robair
    Krys Bobrowski
    Michael Gendreau
    Ashley Bellouin
    Christopher Davidson

    Run Time

    2 hours