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    in celebration of 35 years

    Nita Aviance + Sharon White
    Ryan Smith + Michael Fierman

    10pm - Sunrise
    Saturday, November 21, 2015
    The Wick - 260 Meserole St, Brooklyn (L train to Montrose)

    21+ Valid ID required

    Conjuring the mystery and mystique of the ancient Pyramids, The Saint At Large presents NIGHT PEOPLE, an intriguing generational mix of old and new in celebration of this milestone anniversary. Nita Aviance of The Carry Nation will pair off with Sharon White, the only female DJ to ever play at the original Saint nightclub back in the 80’s, and Ryan Smith of Wrecked will tag team with Michael Fierman, best known as the high priest of 90’s Black Parties.

    New York’s infamous party mavericks and producers of the notorious Black Party are once again tapping into the unapologetic Brooklyn scene where experimentation and self-expression manifest a transcendent dance floor. Saint-heads, techno travelers, party boys, curiosity seekers and Night People will journey into the unknown for this pre-holiday season bash marking another chapter in the never-ending story of The Saint.