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  • THE SAINT AT LARGE presents
    10 pm Saturday March 19, 2016 until Sunday Afternoon
    Brooklyn Warehouse 1260 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn NY 11216.
    Strange Live Acts
    Dress: Heavy

    Set in world of surging sea levels and drowning cities, rogue submarines break the surface in the black of night to whisk willing survivors to an unregulated subterranean world of brothels, dungeons and decadence lorded over by maritime pirates.
    Held on the weekend closest to the vernal equinox, the annual Rites of Spring celebration has firmly established itself as gay New York's biggest night of the year.

    Main Floor DJs:
    Alyson Calagna
    Danny Tenaglia
    Jason Kendig
    Rob Sperte
    Tama Sumo

    Back Room DJs:
    Massimiliano Pagliana
    Ron Like Hell
    Will Automagic

    For tickets and further details: http://www.blackparty.com or (212) 674-8541.

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