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Red River Theatres


Red River Theatres (Concord, NH)

Vetflix Welcome Home Celebration - Be part of this unique experience of exploring the often mysterious world of America's military veterans! Vetflix, a leading producer of beautiful veteran history films, shares stories of what veterans do to defend our freedom and preserve the American way of life. From World War II to today's active duty troops, you'll hear the real scoop from those who were there. This Flag Day, make the effort to drive a little to learn a lot about veterans, service to country and the true cost of the freedom we all enjoy. Vetflix will screen several short films followed by a panel of Vietnam Vets discussing their thoughts on service in a foreign land nearly 50 years ago.
Veterans of all eras will be honored and celebrated, but this program is really designed for families, friends and other non-veterans who have always wondered what their father, brother, sister, child or friend went through. The panel discussion, moderated by Peter Burdett, NH State Veterans Advisory Committee Chairman, is sure to engage the audience, answer questions and add insight into the veteran experience of the Vietnam War era and beyond. Come honor veterans, learn what service to country really means and appreciate better the cost of our freedom. All Americans need to understand and honor the obligation to support those who serve, and this Welcome Home Celebration opens that door.

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