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Red River Theatres


Red River Theatres (Concord, NH)

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are in over 80% of the food that is on our grocery store shelves, yet very few of us know much about genetic modification. Jeremy Siefert, the director of GMO-OMG wanted to know more about GMOs. This film chronicles his quest. Finding increased pesticide use associated with genetically modified crops and possible unintended health consequences of eating a diet substantially consisting of GMOs, he wants the right to know what is in the food he feeds his children.
In New Hampshire, many parents, consumers, and sustainability advocates are asking the New Hampshire Legislature to pass a GMO Labeling Bill that will allow us to know what is in our food. We are aware of the toll pesticide use takes on the environment, and we know how sensitive our children are to the food they ingest. Labeling of GMOs will help individual citizens make decisions based on their own personal health concerns, environmental concerns, religious and cultural concerns about the food they eat.
Join the NH GMO Labeling Campaign for a question and answer session about GMO Labeling in NH after the film.

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