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Red River Theatres (Concord, NH)

Run Time

1 hour 55 minutes

Billings, Montana: Ornery, booze-addled, 77-year-old Woody Grant (Bruce Dern) receives a generic sweepstakes letter and believes he has won $1 million. His estranged son David (Wiill Forte) reluctantly decides to drive Woody to Lincoln, Nebraska to "claim" his prize--hoping to improve their relationship during the lengthy trip. Director Alexander Payne's wonderful, melancholy comedy, filmed in lustrous black and white, contains three brilliant performances--from Dern, Forte and the scene stealing June Squibb (as Woody's out-of-patience wife).
4 GOLDEN GLOBE Nominations (musical or comedy) -- Best Picture, Actor (Bruce Dern), Supporting Actress (June Squibb), Director (Alexander Payne)

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