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  • The Truth According to Rose directed by Alana Byington and featuring Vana O'Brien, Marc Hakim, and Scott Parker: How do we grieve the loss of our partner? In this play, Rose talks to George, her dead husband and meditates on the nature of what is left behind.

    Merrily Down the Stream featuring Andy Lee-Hillstrom and Danielle Purdy with direction by Avital Shira: 2 Teenagers stand in front of their lockers for what seems an eternity in this absurd play about the inability to communicate passion, love and longing through everyday discourse.

    DC Copeland is an avant-garde playwright and writer who recently moved to Portland from NYC. Her work can be seen at http://www.dccopeland.com.

    Part of Fertile Ground: a city-wide festival of new works.

    Run Time

    50 minutes