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Finding the Lost Spark

Finding the Lost Spark




The Headwaters Theatre (Portland, OR)

A one-woman performance art piece, Sue Ellen's exploration of five generations of mothers and daughters in her family is funny, heartwarming, tender, transformational and surprising. It will captivate you the entire time, as she weaves stories and ideas together in extraordinary and entertaining ways that may lead you to insight and understanding about your own family and your own life. As her stories let you into parts of her life and experience, they may touch the heart of your experience in your life and inspire you to look at your stories and those of your family in different ways. Her performance speaks to women, men and youth of many ages, as we all share common experiences on this earth. This performance may help you make inner connections that you might not have made before and may inspire you to find your own spark no matter what, as you watch her ride the waves of life's trials until she reaches creativity, liberation and healing. Join her on this journey. It will be fun! It will make you laugh. It might make you cry. It will make you think. It will touch your soul. We will talk when it is done.

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