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Fuse Theatre Ensemble


Theater! Theatre!, Arena Stage (Portland, OR)

[Official Website]

Devised by the ensemble
Directed by Rusty Tennant
Original compositions by Erik Jorgen Jorgensen
Video design by Andrew Bray
Fuse has been developing Sonnetscape for the past year and a half. We started with all 154 sonnets and a desire to understand this little-talked-about narrative of homosexual love. What we have created is a one hour multimedia event that has spawned more questions than answers (much like the sonnets themselves). Come see how the piece that won Best Choreography and Best Sound Design at the Portland Outdoor Shakespeare Festival has grown. and developed over the past year. This installation will be Fuse's final performance in Theatre! Theatre! as our home base.
*Come for a double header! Sonnetscape is showing nightly after Fuse's newest original piece (…)

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