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Red River Theatres


Red River Theatres (Concord, NH)

Run Time

2 hours

Join us for a special showing of three short videos that all speak to the experience of incarceration: - The Man Who Believed He Could Change Russia: Mikhail Khodorkovsky - Produced for the Lantos Foundation, this video is about Russian dissident and Millionaire Mikhail Khordorkovsky, who has been in jail since 2003 for speaking out against Vladimir Putin and speaking up for freedom and democracy in Russia. (20 minutes) - Institutions: Close Them! - Produced for the People First of New Hampshire, this video tells the stories of people who were confined in the Laconia State School, but now all live on their own in the community (18 minutes) - Prison Ministry - This video was produced for the New Hampshire Episcopal Diocese to raise funds for the Bishop Gene Robinson Endowment to fund the Chaplaincy at the New Hampshire Women's State Prison. (8 minutes) Stay for a post screening discussion and share your thoughts on the issues they raise. How do we bring justice and compassion to a place that has very little of either? How do we find the message that leads to action and hope?

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