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Stories: from the trenches of middle school

Stories: from the trenches of middle school


Lunacy Stageworks


Sellwood Playhouse (Portland, OR)

Run Time

45 minutes

Lunacy Stageworks presents
Stories: from the trenches of middle school
by Lunatic Fringe teens
Directed by Lunatic Fringe teen workshop staff
Venue: Sellwood Playhouse | 901 SE Spokane St, Portland OR 97202
Festival Dates: Jan 25, 26 @ 7pm
Tickets: $5 | or 503.528.4188
Here's a universal truth: middle school sucks. If you disagree you were either sleeping or homeschooled. But what if you had an outlet where your differences were celebrated? Where you could create, perform and laugh through it all? See and understand Portland 2013 through the eyes of a group of diverse middle school kids from Southeast Brentwood-Darlington who do just that. Watch as they lampoon the modern-day middle school experience, family life and what it's like to grow up in Portland now. Join Lunacy Stageworks educational outreach workshop for teens, Lunatic Fringe, for the fourth year of our annual "Stories Series" as we take a closer look at yet another eclectic population: SE Portland youth.A group of savvy students reveal their inner lives to the world on their own terms: through a thinly disguised veil of parody and satire.

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