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Theatre Without Animals by Jean-Michel Ribes

Theatre Without Animals by Jean-Michel Ribes


The Factory Theatre

Approximate Run Time

1 hour 45 minutes

A series of 8 plays that make up one enjoyable evening of theatre.
Under special permission by Jean-Michel Ribes, The Factory Theatre is pleased to bring to Portland The English World Premier of Theatre Without Animals. Performed in 12 different countries and in 12 different languages but never in the World in English and never in the United States, until now.
A series of 8 absurdist pieces that make up 1 enjoyable, funny, and heart warming evening of theatre. Jean-Michel lets us take a closer look at how we see our lives, relationships, and conversations with each other and then places it in a fluid, airy, and floating environment where these connections and interactions can occur, co-mingle, and disconnect with each other.

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