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The Hub Theatre


John Swayze Theatre (Fairfax, VA)

Run Time

1 hour 15 minutes

HOW I PAID FOR COLLEGE by Marc Acito • Directed by Helen Pafumi
December 7 - 30, 2012 • John Swayze Theatre, The New School of Northern VA — Fairfax, VA
Broadway actor, Alex Brightman (Wicked, Glory Days) plays dozens of roles in this World Premiere tour-de-force monologue with songs, or a "monologsical," based on Marc Acito's award-winning novel, How I Paid for College. Directed by Helen Pafumi, the play tells the hilarious yet heartwarming tale of a talented but irresponsible teen actor who schemes to steal his tuition money when his wealthy father refuses to pay for acting school. Seventeen-year-old Edward Zanni, a feckless Ferris Bueller type, is Peter-Panning his way through life with his screwball theater friends. When his businessman father remarries and pulls the plug on Edward's dreams, the aspiring thespian turns to a life of disorganized crime. Playwright Marc Acito returns to the Hub to adapt his popular novel fresh from winning the 2012 Charles McArthur Award for Outstanding New Play for his comedy Birds of a Feather , which had its World Premiere at The Hub last season. The Washington Post called Birds of a Feather "goofy, but seriousÂ…an allusive, wisecracking comedy." Acito is also the co-book writer of the Broadway-bound musical Allegiance, starring Tony winner Lea Salonga and Star Trek legend George Takei, as well as the book writer of a musical adaptation of E. M. Forster's A Room with a View, both at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. Published in 2004, Acito's novel How I Paid for College won the Ken Kesey Award for Fiction and was hailed as a New York Times "Editors' Choice." Translated into five languages the author can't read, it paved the way for High School Musical and Glee, both of which are similar enough to be annoying to the author without being legally actionable. Inspired by his own misspent youth, Acito describes the story as "just true enough to be embarrassing to my family." At its heart, How I Paid for College is about how far you are willing to go to make a dream come true. It's a story for anyone who's ever had a dreamÂ…and a scheme. For ages 13 and up.

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