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Washington DCJCC


Washington DCJCC, Aaron & Cecile Goldman Theater (Washington, DC)

Join us at the culminating event in our month-long national conversation about Spinoza's impact and legacy, the dynamic day-long Spinozium (Spinoza Symposium) where we'll reargue the merits and relative injustice of the fate meted out against Spinoza by the Jewish community. April 1st promises to be a day full of provocative discourse, debate, and even a theatricalized session of closing arguments and a new verdict as we engage our own community in a sustained and cohesive series of conversations about the relative (in)justice of Spinoza's fate.
The Spinozium will begin at 1:00pm on April 1st. A free lecture at 12:00pm will precede the Spinozium.
Our Spinozium begins with a new work of art; a world premiere presentation of playwright, public intellectual, and Spinozium Artist-in-Residence Colin Greer's "Spinoza's Solitude," exploring the impact of Spinoza's banishment on the fragile yet formidable man himself. This workshop production will be presented at 10:30am on April 1st as well as on March 12th, 13th, and 27th at 7:30pm. To purchase tickets for "Spinoza's Solitude," visit

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