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defunkt theatre: Subscription Program

defunkt theatre: Subscription Program


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  • 2015-2016 Sweet Sixteen Season Buy
    Defunkt Theatre Proudly Presents Our 2015-16 Season:
    Sweet Sixteen:
    A Trio of Portland Premieres
    Cock by Mark Bartlett
    Directed by Jon Kretzu
    October 9- Nov. 15

    John has been in a stable relationship with his boyfriend for a number of years. But when he takes a break, he accidentally falls in love with a woman. Torn between the two, filled with guilt and conflicting emotions, he doesn't know which way to turn. His boyfriend is willing to wait for him to make a decision, but so is his girlfriend. And both are prepared to fight to keep him. As the pressure mounts, a dinner with both parties is arranged, and everyone wants to know. Who is John? What is he? And what will his decision be? Defunkt presents the Portland premiere of this electrifying exploration of gender, identity and sexuality.
    Blasted by Sarah Kane
    Directed by Paul Angelo
    February 12-March 19, 2016

    Defunkt returns to the brutal and beautiful world of Sarah Kane in this Portland premiere. 20 years ago, Sarah Kane's debut play set the modern theater on its ear: her work was championed by some and condemned by others for its violence and fearless presentation of the darkest facets of human nature. This haunting, and eerily prescient play has lost none of its ability to stir and move us: as The Guardian wrote of a recent revival: "Twenty years ago, many said that Kane overplayed the scenario of violence...recent history has taught us that we were wrong to think that, or that distant wars had nothing to do with us and we are safe."
    The Udmarts by David Zellnik
    Directed by Andrew Klaus-Vineyard
    May 6- June 11 2016

    Nate, a middle-class kid from Florida who has been thrown away by his fundamentalist parents, finds his way to the ramshackle Queens apartment of Mrs. Huff. She is an old, once-glamorous foreign actress, living in exile from a (real) place called Udmurtia, and her tiny apartment holds the mysterious secrets of a vanishing culture. Nate is torn between his growing devotion to Mrs. Huff and his desire for Clem, a Manhattan child of the "One Percent" who promises Nate a way out of poverty. A dark, funny, and suspenseful journey, THE UDMURTS explores how we find home - and hope - in a collapsing world. Another Portland area premiere from the Obie award-winning playwright of Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom.
    Defunkt's 2015-16 Sweet Sixteen Season is presented with support from Ronni Lacroute/Willakenzie Estate, Ellyn Bye, and the James F and Marion L Miller Foundation.

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