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  • Helen Hayes Awards recommended¬©!
    "Genesis Reboot" is a large step away from Synetic's famed silent Shakespeare, but in terms of its imagination, humor and rigorous control, it should be considered a different kind of Synetic classic."
    Washington Examiner

    "Eve is played by the winsome Brynn Tucker, whose energy and charisma pervade every scene she's in..."
    The City Paper

    "Daniel Pinha's strikingly-designed Eden set, which features a gunmetal-gray Tree of Knowledge at its center, puts a perfectly chilling retro-futurist spin on the familiar biblical imagery."
    DC Theatre Scene

    Don't miss this farcical new play directed by the long-standing Synetic Company Member Ben Cunis. Discover what would happen if the story of Adam and Eve were redone ... in a Synetic way!