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Echoes of the Renaissance (CAPPELLA ROMANA)

Echoes of the Renaissance (CAPPELLA ROMANA)


Cappella Romana

Run Time

2 hours

Dr. Tikey Zes (b. 1927) is the most prolific composer of Greek Orthodox liturgical music in America. Long a proponent of Zes's music, Cappella Romana will perform excerpts of a setting of his Divine Liturgy that Cappella Romana released on CD last season. Preceding the Zes are excerpts from the Missa MiMi by Johannes Ockeghem, who with other masters of the Renaissance inspired Zes's approach to modal harmony and counterpoint. Zes recorded the Ockeghem Missa MiMi on LP with his Berkeley Chamber Singers in the 1960s, at the dawn of the modern Early Music movement.

"Cappella Romana sings this music as if already in the heavenly realms, and can transport the listener there, as well."Fanfare

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