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    Various Oregon Locations
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    • Flights of Fantasy

      Flights of Fantasy

      Monica Huggett directs a program of early Italian works for strings, lute, and organ. This intimate ensemble will perform the witty Capriccio Stravagante by Carlo Farina, Buonamente's brilliant Canzon Quarta, and more. The program recreates Monica's acclaimed Flights of Fantasy recording, chosen by Alex Ross in The New Yorker as 2010's Classical Recording of the Year.

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    • Suor Leonora and the Music of Renaissance Ferrara

      Suor Leonora and the Music of Renaissance Ferrara

      In Mulieribus explores the music heard in and around 16th century Ferrara, the heart of the Italian Renaissance. Highlights will include illustrious five-voiced motets newly attributed to Suor Leonora d'Este, a nun-composer now believed to be the first published woman composer in Western music!

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    • The Leipzig Audition

      The Leipzig Audition

      PBO's season concludes with a program of works by Georg Friedrich Telemann and Christoph Graupner, who declined offers for the job of Thomaskantor of Leipzig-which was subsequently offered to J.S. Bach. Also: a suite constructed of instrumental interludes from Bach's cantatas alongside an Adagio and Fugue by his eldest son, Wilhelm Friedemann Bach.

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