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    Sell Tickets

    Established in 1993, boxofficetickets.com® (BOT) is approaching its 20th anniversary. For almost 20 years our business model has been copied, but never duplicated. BOT has offered cutting edge-technology with reasonable fees for almost 2 decades, from political events to Fortune 500 product launches, business conferences, film festivals and movie theaters, and non-profit community theater. There is no event too large or small for us to manage.

    Why are we so successful? Simply put, we care about our customer's experience. It doesn't matter if your event is in the convention center or intimate studio, we provide you with the tools to reach, sell and promote your events.

    What's the cost?

    Let's get this out of the way, since this is what most folks want to know.

    Our standard fee is simple, at no cost to the producer/seller. The customer/consumer pays $1 + 5% of the ticket price as a service fee while ordering online. This fee covers all electronic delivery options, including: will call, print-at-home, and direct-to-mobile.

    Payment Schedule

    When using the BOT merchant account, BOT pays out weekly for events that occured the prior week.

    Other Options

    Some producers prefer to absorb the fee or use their own merchant account.

    More About Our Services

    BOT keeps pushing the threshold of mobile ticketing. We were the first ticketing company to provide a full-service solution on the web, from point-of-sale and web-based ticket printing to easy-to-use WiFi based ticket scanners. All of our services are 100% web-based, and require no additional servers on your end - that's our job.

    Easy to Use

    With our intuitive system, training is a snap. Your box office will be up to speed in no time.

    English + Spanish Website

    Our website detects a user's preferred language. We currently support English and Spanish.

    Complete Ticketing Solution

    BOT combines box office sales, online sales, and call center sales into one integrated solution.

    Mobile Management

    Manage your events on-the-go through the BOT Manager app.


    Anonymous analytics with visualization by event, including: imporessions, click/touch, orders, inventory and revenue.

    Assigned Seating

    BOT supports general and assigned seating with options allowing customers to pick their own seats.

    Flexible Delivery

    Customers have a variety of options, from mailed to will call and print-at-home.

    Payment Options

    BOT supports payments by all major credit cards, complimentary, subscriber, RSVP, and more.

    Free Print-at-home

    When customers print their own tickets, we don't charge them extra to use their own supplies.

    Season/Subscriber Ticketing

    BOT supports subscriber and season ticketing, build-your-own season ticketing, and flex passes. Use our automated process to take the headache out of season ticketing.


    Collect donations or configure any item as tax-dedutible.

    Discounts/Promotional Codes

    List a variety of prices publicly, such as student, senior or groups. You can also establish special codes for additional discounts.

    Wait Lists

    Let the BOT system manage your wait lists automatically online.

    Ticket Printing

    Order bulk tickets printing for your events.

    Customer Relationship Management

    Enhance the relationship you have with your patrons using our online database and email marketing tools.

    Ordering Alerts

    Trigger automatic email alerts for different types of orders.

    Real-time Reporting

    All ticket sales data and customer information is available securely and in a timely manner via any Internet connected computer.


    For the theaters and event spaces, BOT provides a simple to use point-of-sale interface for walk-up purchases.

    Ticket Printers

    With our RoBOT® software, you can quickly network ticket printers and print real tickets on-the-fly from any browser.

    Scanning and Validation

    We provide the RoBOT StopLight® app running on the iPod Touch.

    Web Site Integration

    Seamlessly integrate ticket purchasing into your existing web site.

    Private Label Letters/Receipts

    When a guest places an order or makes a donation, have the BOT system automatically generate a private-label letter from your President or Exective Director.

    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We won't lock you into a long-term contract. It's our job to keep you satisfied.

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    If you already have a BOT management account, click here to log in.

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    We will have your event up and running in a few hours. Click here to start the sign-up process now...