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    • disconnected: a frankenstein musical

      disconnected: a frankenstein musical

      These three readings showcase a musical-in-progress with talented actors and singers performing the story of Vicky, a promising neuroscience graduate student in the late 1990's whose pursuit of a new invention leads her down a dark path. ----- Part of Fertile Ground: A City-wide Festival of New Works

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    • The Autistic Ideal

      The Autistic Ideal

      This one-person show draws on the solitary and not-so-solitary endeavors of one neurodivergent life. From tics and stims to work and social life, Adam Ares uses the outline of his own story–an ongoing novel that he writes and revises for no one but himself–to explore questions of what we consider normal, what we pathologize, and what it means when "high-functioning" and "low-functioning" exist under the same medicalized label. Through song and poetry, analysis and catharsis, an argument emerges about the ideals that animate us and how they inform and define our identities. ----- Part of Fertile Ground: A City-wide Festival of New Works

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    • Sleepwalker


      SLEEPWALKER is a feminist reimagining of the 1920 silent film "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari," considered the first true horror film. The film is fiercely anti-authoritarian but fails to see patriarchy as a key element of authoritarianism. SLEEPWALKER upends this patriarchal narrative and presents the story from Jane's point of view. As Jane Olson approaches adulthood, the people around her insist on her fitting the traditional mold. She must accept matriarch as her natural role or else fall to its opposite. She wants neither. Raised by her father, she envisions having a purposeful life and making a difference in the world. Yet even her father is appalled at the direction his tutoring has taken her. Only her friend Alan understands her desire for self-actualization. When Alan is murdered, Jane is propelled into a quest for truth that leads her to the darkest corners of the world and of her own mind. Her life becomes a nightmare from which it may not be possible to wake. Jane must finally stand alone in order to fully be herself. ----- Part of Fertile Ground: A City-wide Festival of New Works

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