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      Fertile Ground 2018 is an 11-day arts festival that will be held January 18 through 28 in Portland, Oregon. This city-wide festival is focused on new work in the Arts. It will feature world premiere projects, staged readings, developing works and a myriad of other arts events from the Portland creative community. The 2017 Festival included more than 75 Portland-generated new works. From fully staged world premieres in theatre, to ensemble and collaborative driven work, dance, comedy, visual art and film...this festival spans the spectrum of creative endeavor and seeds the next generation of creation through artist conversations, workshops, lunchtime readings and more.

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    • CANCELLED: Dear Mr. President - Letters to Trump

      CANCELLED: Dear Mr. President - Letters to Trump

      Written and directed by Mary Rose & Sean Bowie Let's pretend... and let's say you win a contest and get to write a message to the 45th POTUS which he is guaranteed to read. Do you thank him? Scold him? Tear him the proverbial "new one"? Reason with him? Manipulate him? Seduce him? Sing a song? Try to change his mind? ... You have one chance... What do you say? How do you communicate? It's up to you. YOCTO has taken submissions from people all over the place with different points of view sharing their thoughts and feelings on the anniversary of the event that has shaken up the world like a boggle bubble! We shall commemorate the one year anniversary of President Trump's inauguration by banding together and delivering our message to the oval office... of our imaginations. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Persephone Xoa Iris

      Persephone Xoa Iris

      A Myth. A Memoir. A Mission. Portland Storyteller Gretchen Peterson performs three original stories in an intricate and poignant one-woman show. Drawing upon mythology, lesbian history, and comic book ethos, Gretchen's enchanting trilogy reveals the fierce passions, frustrated paths, and fiery enlightenment of women who love women. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • An Unqualified Genius

      An Unqualified Genius

      Table reading of a new comedy: Bitterness and feelings of superiority surface among cast members of an avant-garde theatre troupe when their director and guru dies. While staging his last unfinished piece they come to realized that everything he ever wrote was "avant-garbage". And their work was one big joke. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • A Teaspoon of Water: Contemplative Salon

      A Teaspoon of Water: Contemplative Salon

      Created in Ensemble by Dana Broeck, Kristin Gordon George, Beth Lorio, Zorwyn Madrone, Megan Phillips, Elizabeth Russell, Reeva Wortel An amalgam of two rich traditions - Contemplative Practice and the Evening Salon - "A Teaspoon of Water" seeks to bring the performer and the audience to the same floor in an intimate exchange. Mindful, heartful, depthful creation arises from the space between. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Three Sisters

      Three Sisters

      by Anton Chekov adapted & directed by Patrick Walsh In its first outing since the critically acclaimed "Waiting for Godot", NWCTC returns to the Shoebox Theatre to stage an exciting new adaptation of this classic of modern drama. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • The Inheritance

      The Inheritance

      Written & performed by Gigi Rosenberg Directed by Michael Griggs Dramaturgy by Seth Barrish A firstborn daughter of the 1960's navigates her fractured family of origin to make sense of her inheritance. Excerpts from earlier versions of this workshop production have been performed at Portland Story Theater and in the solo show workshop at New York City's Barrow Group Theatre. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • The Doctor and the Devil

      The Doctor and the Devil

      500 years ago, a story surfaced of a great doctor who sought to decipher the machinations of the universe and existence. His relentless search drove him to exchange his soul for power and knowledge. "The Doctor and the Devil" revives this historic myth of Doctor Faustus in a poignant experimental work that seeks to break the boundaries of Being. Humanity has become capable of so much since the days of Faustus, and our access to knowledge and power is only growing as we push further into our technological future. What is our relationship to the digital world we have created? What is our relationship to our growing exposure to knowledge? Through meditating on the myth of Doctor Faustus, this expressive piece of experimental theatre questions our relationship to our ever-growing capacities, and our quest for meaning. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Portland's Mini Music Festival

      Portland's Mini Music Festival

      Here is your chance to see a bunch of new musicals all in one night! Join Live On Stage for Portland's own festival of all new musicals and check out six brand new 15-minute musicals by local writers and composers. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Philip's Glass Menagerie

      Philip's Glass Menagerie

      A gentleman caller, a collection of fragile glass animals, and Isaac Lamb as a Southern Belle in a big dress! Silent film elements and physical comedy highlight this poignant, hilarious, and whimsical telling of Tennessee Williams's story of family facades, dreams of escape, and the reality of everyday. Join Isaac, Philip and the CoHo Clown Cohort as they hop, skip, jump, and trip the light fantastic, while the Wingfields ask, "If a mime drops a glass unicorn, does it make a sound?" PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Long Story Short: 10-minute plays

      Long Story Short: 10-minute plays

      Writers & Directors: Tayde Ramirez, Richard Sangeleer, John Pfeil, J.J. Lostica, Garrett DeRose/David Traynor, Matt Sorensen/Brad Sosinski; Creative Advisor: Gail Jeidy Six Portland Community College playwrights walk their works onto the stage in "Long Story Short: 10-minute plays". The plays were written in PCC Creative Writing Scriptwriting classes and celebrated in a handbook of 10-minute student plays produced Summer 2017. Admission is free of charge, and no reservations are required. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Bi-


      Written & directed by Georgiana Escobar Choreographed by Gabriela Portuguez Inspired by the book Flatland by Edwin Abbott and set in the year 2089 in Tierra Plana, a new nation of squares, walls, and all sorts of boxes. Four teens, Fig, Noir, Isa, and Hex, are preparing for the Determinus, when they receive their identity bracelets. Nervous about not fitting in, they escape to the desert and discover the mystery of the past hidden in boxes from the U.S. census bureau. New York-based playwright and director Georgina Escobar says: "This piece uses mathematical and geometrical metaphor as well as inspiration from interviews from people in the community to tug at the heartstring that often makes us feel a little too much like 'the other'. "Bi—" will break open the boxes of selective classification and raise the question: "What is your 'bi-dentity?" PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Real People, Not Actors

      Real People, Not Actors

      Written & directed by Tobin L. Gollihar & Ian Paul Sieren Think your job can't be automated? The Shareholders disagree. Writer/performer/producer team Tobin Gollihar and Ian Sieren return to this year's Fertile Ground Festival with "Real People, Not Actors", a darkly comedic look at a near future where all our jobs have been automated, and all our government services have been contracted to the Corporations. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • PDX Playwrights Presents

      PDX Playwrights Presents


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    • Heaven or Helen

      Heaven or Helen

      There are many women in history who have led extraordinary and highly influential lives that no one knows a thing about. One of such women was Helen Schucman, a spunky little Jewish lady with a PHD in Clinical Psychology and a self proclaimed atheist. In the mid 1960's, while serving as a professor of Psychology at Columbia University, Helen was instructed by "a Force" (she later believed to be Jesus) to write/scribe the book "A Course In Miracles". She and her colleague, the highly esteemed Dr. William Thetford, spent over seven years secretly committed to documenting what she was channeling. She struggled deeply during those years of dictation, fearing for her sanity as well as her reputation. When it was finally published, she insisted her name not be associated with the book until after her death, in 1981. Heaven or Helen not only gives us a back story of her unique life, but also takes us on an intimate inner journey–a journey reflecting the struggle we all face reconciling the worlds of the intellect and the supernatural. Through digital imagery, movement, original music and soundscapes, expect to be taken on a ride in and out of dimensional time and space. A multidisciplinary "time-based art" performance based on a true story. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • UnWrote


      Conceived by Domeka Parker Directed by Domeka Parker Scripts curated by Sarah Jean Accuardi With an innovative approach intersecting scripted and unscripted theatre performance, "UnWrote" boldly dives into the wild unknown using carefully crafted — yet unfinished — scripts as a jumping-off point. Aiming to describe what an audience can expect from such an endeavor would be folly, but it can be said with certainty that "UnWrote" is a brilliant adventure, wholly unique, courageous and entertaining. Eight unfinished scripts by professional playwrights will be featured throughout the run, using a different script every night. Each script consists of character descriptions and six pages of dialogue. The scripts are unseen by the actors until the very moment they take the stage. Each character description is read aloud, and the audience is given the task of casting each role from the actors on stage. With scripts in hand, the play begins! Once the written words have run out, the actors must drop their scripts and complete the play improvisationally. With the playwright in the audience, the stakes are high-- great care is given to honoring the playwright's voice and delighting them with inspiration. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Just This One

      Just This One

      Music & lyrics by Paul deLay Book by Wayne Harrel Directed by Judy Straalsund Musical Direction by Dave Fleschner Moe DuPree is going to jail...right after this final gig. But as he wails his tunes one last time, three sultry singers crash the party looking for a piece of musical action and, perhaps, him. Moe's blues legacy, future happiness, and two years' hard-earned sobriety hang in the balance as he struggles to find the one - just this one - he can trust. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Groovin' Greenhouse 2018

      Groovin' Greenhouse 2018

      Polaris Dance Theatre presents Groovin' Greenhouse with a series of world premiere dance works. Polaris, along with other Portland established and emerging dance companies and choreographers are working to present brand new works in Polaris Dance Theatre's intimate black box theatre. Each evening will include a performance by Polaris Dance Theatre's professional company. Artistic Director and resident Choreographer Robert Guitron steps aside to give his company dancers the reigns to choreograph on their own fellow dancers. Exciting new works include solos, duets, trios and full company pieces. Caley Hernandez, Faith Morrison, Trevor Wilde, Mar Undag, Daniel Do, Taylor Baker, Lucy Dillon, Natalie Press and Katie Gunderson will all create short new works for this exciting run of Groovin' Greenhouse 2018 with the addition of a few Polaris Dance Theatre alumni! PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • That Midsummer

      That Midsummer

      Written & directed by Tony Bump That Midsummer when our local theatre company produced "A Midsummer Night's Dream"... As we peek behind the curtain we see the actors and staff working and playing hard to make a vision come to life. Love and loss and a little bit of theatre magic brings this group of players through a midsummer they will never forget. "That Midsummer" is a sweet comedy about life in a community of theatre, written by the composer and author of "Mrs. Rank's Boarding House". PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Stranger Than Fiction

      Stranger Than Fiction

      By Echo Theater Company & Tempos Contemporary Circus Directed by Aaron Wheeler-Kay, Angela Bryant, & Kraig Mead In an increasingly polarized society, what are the common truths we share? Continuing in the Echo tradition, this is ensemble-created work, exploring what truth's we consider essential. "Stranger Than Fiction" is a collection of works by performing artists exploring the overlap of circus arts, dance, narrative and physical theater to explore themes of social justice. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • My Audience with Angels, Saints and Demons

      My Audience with Angels, Saints and Demons

      Written & directed by Cheryl E. Grant Writer, director, actress Cheryl E. Grant returns to Fertile Ground with short plays about isolation, the struggle for connection and love. These character-driven plays take place in the dimensions of memory, in between the lines, poems, to the longing of hearts that don't quite fit and the souls that can't conform, longing to find their place and create strange beauty in this difficult world. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Magellanica


      By E.M. Lewis Directed by Dámaso Rodríguez January 20 - February 18 Morrison Stage In 1986, scientists and engineers from around the world converge at the South Pole Research Station to figure out, among other things, if there really is a hole in the sky. In the darkest, coldest, most dangerous place on Earth, eight imperfect souls are trapped together. Utterly isolated from the outside world for eight and a half months, this research team must face life or death challenges, their own inner demons and depend upon each other for survival. With epic scope in the tradition of The Kentucky Cycle or Angels in America, this play takes its inspiration from the true story of the discovery of the hole in the ozone layer at the height of the Cold War. Part historical adventure, love story and mystical foray into the unknown, it's about a world that can either tear apart or come together for its own survival. It's a vital story for today and an extraordinary excursion for audiences to the ends of the Earth. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Rosa Red

      Rosa Red

      By Laura Christina Dunn Music by Laura Christina Dunn & Maggie Mascal Directed by Laura Christina Dunn & Maggie Mascal From the creators of "Frankenstein: A Cabaret", The Broken Planetarium presents a staged reading of their new musical based on the letters the revolutionary socialist Rosa Luxemburg wrote from prison the year before she was murdered. The play juxtaposes the lives of two women: the revolutionary Luxemburg and the recipient of her letters, Sophie Liebknecht, a housewife and mother. Through the playful banter of these two characters, original folk music, and playwright Laura Christina Dunn's lyric treatment of Luxemberg's life story, the play examines the two women's vastly different scopes of life yet deep friendship, asking the question, how do we remain connected in a world that we want so much to change? PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • The Jade Decanter

      The Jade Decanter

      Created by Nathaniel Hadley & Sophya Vidal Directed by Nathaniel Hadley Experience the intrigue, mystery, and hilarity as we use the most classic themes of noir storytelling to create a wholly improvised full length feature show. So who dies and which shady character did it? With a brand new cast and crew, no mystery will ever be the same. Set right in the gritty dark underworld of crime and intrigue from the 1940's, this premiere show will be a night to remember. Eight people, two acts, driven by one thing: your suggestion. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • HOMEBREW 2017: A PDX Animation Showcase

      HOMEBREW 2017: A PDX Animation Showcase

      HOMEBREW 2017: A PDX Animation Showcase has returned for year 3! This is a new collection of works from the gamut of local animators making the screening collection fun, refreshing, and very Portland. Organized and moderated by Sophya Vidal, a long-standing member of the animation and theatre community, creative and thoughtful storytelling are at the core of the program. The screening includes several new works. It will be followed by a panel with many of the creators, so bring your best questions and get to know your Portland Animation Ambassadors. This event is brought to you by the Animation Resource Community Service (ARCS) and Portland ASIFA. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • A Woman in Washington's Army

      A Woman in Washington's Army

      By Laurence Overmire Directed by Nancy McDonald "A Woman in Washington's Army" is based on the incredible, but true, story Deborah Samson, a young woman who disguised herself as a man and fought with distinction during the Revolutionary War. After the war, she became the first female touring lecturer, and upon her death, her husband became the first man to receive a pension as a soldier's widower. Steeped in colonial history, with period music, this play is a time-traveling adventure with plenty of action and colorful characters. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • The Contract

      The Contract

      By James Webb Directed by Andrea Vernae James Webb's "The Contract" is a provocative play that explores the taboos of Christianity and homosexuality in the black church. The play explores the great divide between "gay and God", as a married pastor with homosexual predilections who has sexual relations with men hired by his wife who refuses to lose the mega-ministry as a result of her husband's indiscretions. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Velvet (working title)/Sable and the Forest

      Velvet (working title)/Sable and the Forest

      Velvet (working title) By Aubrey Jessen Directed by Emilie Landmann Sable and the Forest By Autumn Buck Directed by Phillip Berns PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Matter is Mother

      Matter is Mother

      Written, directed & performed by Julia Bray "Matter is Mother" is a one-woman magical comedy that explores the parallels between the way we treat the earth and our possessions with the ways in which we treat the forgotten feminine within all bodies. Set at a mythical all inclusive tropical resort, a legend tells of a great motherly sea creature named Sona who eats her human children's literal and figurative trash. If a human has properly honored and reckoned with their discarded items and the feelings attached to them, Sona will recycle the energy - - if not the must deep sea dive to face that which they've abandoned within themselves. As the blissfully unaware guests arrive for vacation and are faced with the threat of Sona, the audience is coaxed into a tropical world of feeling through character-driven monologues, projected visuals, original dance and song and the occasional splash of water. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • I Love You/Who Are You by Matthew Miller

      I Love You/Who Are You by Matthew Miller

      This is the winner of the PCTG 2018 New Play Award and is presented as part of the Fertile Ground Festival of New Works. While "I Love You, Who Are You?" by Matthew Miller is not part of our regular season, a flex ticket can be used for the morning performance of this show. Could it be synchrondipity? The small details - a handbag, a cellphone, car keys, bag of chips, glass of wine, pair of heels, pair of flats, a wedding ring, and a retirement home brochure - tell the story of a couple's decades-long relationship with humor, wit, and truth. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • One Off! Completely Improvised One Act Plays

      One Off! Completely Improvised One Act Plays

      By Infinite Improv Directed by Aden & Eric Nepom The world of improvised theatre can open the imagination in ways utterly unpredictable, totally magical and completely entertaining. Join us in this highly interactive showcase where your suggestions transform our players into all kinds of characters and transport them to all manner of places. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Death of a Cranky Philosopher

      Death of a Cranky Philosopher

      by Don Teeters Directed by Fayra Teeters "Death of a Cranky Philosopher" follows the recovery of Vaughn Miracle, a high school philosophy teacher, who gets shot in the head by one of his students and finds himself in a coma-induced netherworld ruled by erratic botanical beings who put him on trial for murder. How much do jargon and childhood word play distort the reality of adulthood by locking in early nonsensical and emotional beliefs? PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Sex We Can! An Erotic Uprising

      Sex We Can! An Erotic Uprising

      by multiple artists directed by Eleanor O'Brien "Sex We Can! An Erotic Uprising" is a movement, a crusade, AND a live performance. Featuring story, song, and spectacle from sex-positive artists of all stripes, this world premiere celebrates sexual expression as a tool of the resistance. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • To Be Determined...

      To Be Determined...

      Created & directed by Jess & Katelyn Ford Change will only occur when we alter our methods of communication concerning our current climate. Through a myriad of mixed media sources, Craftsman Theatre Company's founding members invite you to explore our vastly changing world. Musing on alternative energy sources, movements speaking of the changing oceans, and discussions of human nature vs Mother Nature implore the audience to look deeper into themselves and the world around them. Exploring both alluring dreams and ominous nightmares, "To Be Determined..." delves into the pressing nuances of climate change as it manifests the past, present, and future of our world. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Truth AND Dare

      Truth AND Dare

      Project Creator: Ann Singer in collaboration with Janet Scanlon/Kara Moore. Directed by Danielle Pecoff & Kara Moore Rogue Pack teens from Boys & Girls Aid give voice to their truths and dare to improvise as these brave young women return to Sellwood Playhouse for an evening of storytelling and improvisational comedy. Taking the stage to share their honesty through their writing, daring to peel away society's labels and face the unknown as the collaborate with the audience. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Remain(s)


      Orphic annually commissions a playwright to write an original play inspired by a specific Greek tragedy. For this year's project, Karin Magaldi is adapting "Ajax" by Sophocles, and has titled her play "Remain(s)". After months of research, interviews, and rehearsal, the developing script will be presented to audiences for the first time as a workshop reading. Looking at Sophocles's masterpiece, we have found ourselves astonished, saddened, and compelled to tell this story on the contemporary stage. Death follows those that come home from war. They can't drink it away. It remains. The feeling that they fought for nothing will not pass. It remains. Nothing is innocent anymore, not even the lowliest beasts. The killing does not stop, and the aftermath of the slaughter is littered with remains. Not just bodies, but ghosts trapped at home and sequestered to screens. Do we hear them? Do we talk to them? Do we offer them a warm blanket and a place to sit down on a snowy night? PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • Young Playwrights Festival

      Young Playwrights Festival

      by Philip Chan, Kendall Gordon, Aishwarya Marathe Program directed by Megan Kate Ward Young Playwrights Festival (YPF) is a collection of one act plays by High School playwrights from the Portland metro area who have been selected to work with professional directors and actors to gain insight, experience, and feedback to develop their plays. YPF provides an opportunity for these playwrights to learn and discover how to hone their playwriting skills though a series of workshops with theatre professionals. The culmination of this process is to experience the audience response at this presentation of their work. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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    • The Phantom of Oz

      The Phantom of Oz

      Creepy munchkins. A mysterious phantom. A real wicked witch. Join author Cindy Brown and The Willamette Radio Workshop for a book launch and live radio reading of "The Phantom of Oz", the fifth in Brown's Agatha-nominated series of madcap mysteries set in the off, off, off Broadway world of theatre. When someone drops a chandelier on the Wicked Witch of the East, actress and part-time PI Ivy Meadows needs to find the culprit. Was it the ghost who haunts the Grand Phoenician Theatre? A "wicked witch" among the cast of "The Wizard: A Space OZpera"? Or is it someone - or something - more sinister? This isn't your typical author reading, but a performance by the award-winning Willamette Radio Workshop with some of Portland's finest actors, complete with spooky sound effects, ghost stories, and a few songs - plus free cake, and a cash bar. It's a book launch, a party, and a show, and it's free! (21 and over) Admission is free of charge, and no reservations are required. PART OF FERTILE GROUND FESTIVAL OF NEW WORK 2018

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