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    • Help Me

      Help Me

      By James Van Eaton Directed by Alicia Marie Turvin Tickets $10 Buy Tickets at www.twilighttheatercompany.org Inspired by the #Metoo movement and the testimonials of www.whenwomenrefuse.tumblr.com, "Help Me" tells the story of a male college student named Joe who enters a hyper-realistic simulation and finds himself cast as a number of women, each faced with the daunting task of refusing the sexual advances of men. Employing what he sees as basic human logic and decorum, Joe attempts to resolve each confrontation, but soon realizes that without the authority of his male persona, the obstacles he faces and the people he encounters will be far more difficult and dangerous than he ever expected. "Help Me" is a meditation on a question whose answer seems so simple and obvious to those with male privilege: Why can't you just tell them "No?" With scenarios that will ring true on both sides of the gender divide, "Help Me" is a dark and tensely dramatic exploration of human behavior that is ultimately hopeful. It is an attempt to open dialogue and promote contemplation on topics of supreme importance that, like the women Joe struggles to empathize with, are too often derided or dismissed. Only through deep understanding can Joe hope to change his perspective, his expectations, and finally, his situation. ----- Part of Fertile Ground: A City-wide Festival of New Works

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