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Portland Baroque Orchestra (PBO)




main: (503) 222-6000
main fax: (503) 226-6635


1020 SW Taylor St. Suite 200
Portland, OR 97205
United States of America Map

Portland Baroque Orchestra (PBO)

The Portland Baroque Orchestra is dedicated to presenting spirited, authentic interpretations of 17th and 18th century music to a wide audience and, through outreach and dialogue, to educating the community about baroque music: its composers, themes, instruments, and performance practices.

Current Events

Bach Double Harpsichord Concertos
Benvenue Trio
Flights of Fantasy
Handel's Messiah
Il Favorito
Lunch with Monica Huggett and the musicians of Portland Baroque Orchestra
Monteverdi Orfeo
Mozart Requiem
Music from Dublin Castle
The Leipzig Audition
Vivaldi's Magnificat and Gloria
Young People's Concert: Music from Dublin Castle
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2 CD: St John Passion
2 CD: Vivaldi Four Seasons and Opus 11
CD: J.S. Bach Concertos for One, Two and Three Violins