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    Fuse Theatre Ensemble

    FUSE is here to keep the timeless craft of performance alive for all. Theatre is our digging tool: exploring and unearthing unexpected possibilities, the shared human condition and our own creation. We grow within ourselves as artists and as an ensemble as we welcome others to grow with us. We fuse the connections between disparate arts and culture and plumb the depths of opportunity extant in collaborative art. Theatre is vital to the survival of history, craft, culture, exploration, science, literature and magic, and FUSE relishes our responsibility to create.
    We also provide really cool shows to see, workshops to attend, innovative projects in which to participate, and a different breath for the theatre.


    main: rusty.fuse@gmail.com
    main: rusty.fuse@gmail.com


    mobile: (214) 504-6350


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    • I Am an Actress

      I Am an Actress

      By Jane Comer Created by Jane Comer Creative consultant Rusty Tennant Tickets: $15; $10 students/seniors "I Am an Actress" returns for a World Premiere production after a critically acclaimed workshop run at Fertile Ground 2017. The play is a trip down a dark, rocky, but also funny memory lane written and performed by one of Portland's pioneering trans performers, Jane Comer. Watch Jane overcome a severe speech impediment to become what she was born to be... an actress. Come see the story of two women breaking out of the boxes the world tried to put them in: Joyce, who wanted to be the last thing the world expected her to be, perfectly normal. And her daughter, Jane, who is...an actress. "People who have the talent for acting are born that way. You can't teach 'talent,' you either got it or you don't. You can teach the 'craft' of acting/writing but not the natural artist who creates it - that flows from within... In my opinion, Comer has that gift!" -Dennis Sparks Reviews ----- Part of Fertile Ground: A City-wide Festival of New Works

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    • Tether: ADHD+BDSM

      Tether: ADHD+BDSM

      By Sara Fay Goldman Directed by Rusty Tennant Tickets: $15; $10 students/seniors The ADHD mind is uncanny - it resists promotional material, defying summary into a narrative or restriction to a single genre. Multidisciplinary solo performer, and mental health advocate, Sara Fay Goldman presents an autobiographical (if abstracted) quest for clarity and understanding. Premiering only a few years into her personal research on the subject, Sara Fay hopes to help demystify and spark conversations around the subject of mental health. Using movement, sound, stage tricks and folklore, she invites you to witness the particular trials and textures of her own quarter-life diagnosis. First investigated during Fertile Ground 2017 as a one-woman anti-circus about brain chemistry, "Tether" is a collage of intimate personal anecdotes surrounding the solo performer's relatively late-in-life exposure to disability culture and identity. She explores the nature of what we will call "health," tapping into experiences people wonder about - sometimes loud experiences that come without warning! - or that many wonder whether they're alone in. Sara Fay exposes some weird surprises that come with the territory of being a human and plumbs a particular metaphor (or, 'pataphor, if you'd like) to illustrate the less erotic and more sensual and cerebral facets of BDSM, embodying her various theories and attempts at treatment. ----- Part of Fertile Ground: A City-wide Festival of New Works

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    • The Tarot Show

      The Tarot Show

      By Kate Mura Conceived by Kate Mura & the audience Additional crafting by Stephanie Alvidrez and Skawesomeness Productions Tickets: Sliding scale; $10 suggested What happens when a tarot reading is given to an entire audience, instead of an individual? Come find out! Every show is different, as every tarot reading is different. Stories, anecdotes, conversation, questions, history and herstory come out specific for your audience, your day, your season. The witch and theatre artist weaves these two different parts of her life together for the first time. Share in the mystery, bring your questions, and curiosity. ----- Part of Fertile Ground: A City-wide Festival of New Works

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    • unde+ec+able


      Written & directed by Rusty Newton Tennant Tickets: $15; $10 students What happens after the end? In a world without law, who will protect the vulnerable? Are the lucky ones those who lived or died? And if modern medicine is destroyed, what happens to the millions of people who are only alive because of it? "unde+ec+able" is a witty/wrenching psychological battleground where the headlines of the day meet our worst nightmares in a gripping story that asks a question we can all relate to... what would happen to me? ----- Part of Fertile Ground: A City-wide Festival of New Works

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    • Support the OUTwright Theatre Festival

      Support the OUTwright Theatre Festival

      This is an easy opportunity to support Fuse Theatre Ensemble. Just write in your tax deductible donation and your keep your receipt for tax purposes. Thank you for helping us create paradigm shifting theatre.

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