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  • Capital Campaign: Set The Scene

    How do you fit 150 theater companies in 10 theater venues? Well, you don't. So JANE, has jumped in to the space void with both feet. We have found a great building to make into another venue in Portland. Two stages, two dedicated rehearsal rooms, a class room, a scene shop and a costume shop all of it 10 minutes from downtown.
    Help us make this a reality for Portland. Our goal is $5 from 500,000 people. That's one latte out of your life. Can you live with that? We can't live without it. $5. That's all. Of course, you can give more : ). Keep theater alive in Portland. Donate to SET THE SCENE.


    JANE a theater company was founded by artistic director Kim Bogus. Kim believes that every person should have the opportunity to experience the magic of live theater. When actor and audience meet; actor to actor, actor to person and person to person, this shared living energy creates an experience neither could create alone.