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  • Conceived & Directed by Kendra Prat
    TICKETS: $5-$10

    Kendra Prat returns to her home of Portland, Oregon to investigate entangled histories. A visual, performed, physical essay about buried histories; racist roots in the bedrock beneath comfortable homes; and the lovely rivers and forests in and around Portland. Inspired by Oregon's original state constitution, the deeds of a grandfather's house and the deeds of many houses in Portland, Entanglements is about what you do when something you love suddenly terrifies you, or is suddenly fraught with lies; a performance of embodied historical research investigating why liberal and progressive Portland has been the whitest large city in the United States.

    An excerpt from Draft #2: "A letter to my neighbor. . . Have you ever heard of the Peter Burnett Lash Laws? Did they ever teach you in school that Oregon was the only state admitted to the union as a 'whites-only' state? Or did you learn that the deeds of some houses we sit upon in Portland to this day still have black exclusionary clauses in them?. . . Because I didn't. In my 13 years of schooling in the state of Oregon I certainly didn't."

    Run Time

    1 hour 30 minutes