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  • ROOMS begins in 1970s Glasgow where Monica, an ambitious singer/songwriter meets Ian, a hard driving rocker. The two quickly become creatively and romantically entangled. Their music takes them first to London and ultimately to New York City, where they are catapulted into a vibrant new music scene and a complicated personal relationship.  A five-piece rock band accompanies these two characters as they search for stardom.

    This award-winning musical premiered at MetroStage and is returning for its tenth anniversary.

    "Rooms is the most emotionally real and authentic musical this reviewer has ever seen. Imagine if Rent or Spring Awakening was condensed down to an intimate two person show and you'll understand the appeal of this powerful rock romance." -DCTheatreScene.com
    "ROOMS is delightful, clever and poignant! Fun musical theater rock 'n' roll with an edge…" -Associated Press
    "varied and impressive score…range from tender to tough, introspective to brash, and punk rock to good old showbiz; the music is often inventive, and the lyrics are laced with delightful images." -Variety