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  • Conceived by Domeka Parker
    Directed by Domeka Parker
    Scripts curated by Sarah Jean Accuardi

    With an innovative approach intersecting scripted and unscripted theatre performance, "UnWrote" boldly dives into the wild unknown using carefully crafted
    yet unfinished scripts as a jumping-off point. Aiming to describe what an audience can expect from such an endeavor would be folly, but it can be said with certainty that "UnWrote" is a brilliant adventure, wholly unique, courageous and entertaining. Eight unfinished scripts by professional playwrights will be featured throughout the run, using a different script every night. Each script consists of character descriptions and six pages of dialogue. The scripts are unseen by the actors until the very moment they take the stage. Each character description is read aloud, and the audience is given the task of casting each role from the actors on stage. With scripts in hand, the play begins! Once the written words have run out, the actors must drop their scripts and complete the play improvisationally. With the playwright in the audience, the stakes are high-- great care is given to honoring the playwright's voice and delighting them with inspiration.