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  • A world premiere by Connor Kerns - Tom(boy) Sawyer is a modern re-telling of Mark Twain's classic novel, with a young woman embodying Tom's love of dreams and pranks, and her own "mean, mean pride."

    Having grown up in a small town in the Pacific Northwest, the playwright has moved Tom's adventures to the turn of the 21st Century in Southwest Washington along the Columbia River. Tom and her friend Hector witness Drinkin' Joe murdering Dr. Robinson in the cemetery. The dead doctor rises to act as a sort of chorus, and is pressed into duty as the cowardly deputy sent out to find the villain. Tom is adored by stout Aunt Patty, and her friend Jen Thatcher, who has aspirations to escape small town life to be an astronomer. Tom, however, is dreaming of fronting a rock band. Before the young folks can enjoy any future, however, Hector and Jen must persuade Tom to leave off skylarking on Government Island and tell the authorities about the crime.

    After Tom and Hector spill the beans, Joe kidnaps Jen, leading to a chase into the Ape Cave, where Joe's loot is hidden. Is Tom's swagger enough to save Jen, and win her dream of being famous?
    ** Please note that we are not able to accommodate late seating

    Run Time

    1 hour 30 minutes