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  • By Jane Comer
    Directed by Melanie Moseley
    Festival Dates: Jan 21, 22, 28 @ 2pm
    Venue: Multnomah Arts Center
    7688 SW Capitol Hwy.
    Tickets: $10

    What box do you fit into? (Boy/Girl, Black/White, Rich/Poor) Does that box really fit you? Does it fit your passion? What if you are an actress, but must pretend to be a farmer? In I Am An Actress...A Passion Play, Jane Comer explores her journey from a kid on a rural Oregon farm with a severe speech impediment through her transition to follow her passion and be an actress - - despite what anyone else might say or see. Follow Jane, her mom Joyce and her inspirational teachers as she finds and embraces her passion and her true self. What would you do if failure was a distinct possibility and you didn't care? What if loving yourself was more important than being loved by society? Witness Jane as she takes that risk - - and find your passion too!
    Part of the 2017 Fertile Ground Festival.