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  • This multi-layered, full-length play, written by poet and playwright S. Renee Mitchell, is designed to make you think, laugh, wonder and question, with a bombshell ending that will take you by surprise. The contextual layers of this drama touch on family dysfunction, multigenerational secrets, the burden of private guilt, the power of love, the gift of forgiveness and a reminder that we never fully know the ways in which karma can sneak up and kick us in the ass. This reading features Skeeter Greene as "Ophelia," Damaris Webb as "Justice" and Jacque Dixon as "Chapita".

    NOTE: "Ophelia", which means helper, is the name of a character in Shakespeare's tragic play Hamlet who has no control over her body, her relationships or her choices. The Spanish interpretation of the name "Chapita" is a person who has lost her reason.

    part of Fertile Ground, a city-wide festival of new works.

    Run Time

    1 hour 30 minutes