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  • Mom?: A Comedy of Mourners
    A mysterious trunk sits on the peak of a mountain at the end of the universe. Out of the trunk come the clown siblings Victoria, Frank, and Mango. They have brought with them the ashes of their dear, departed mother, whose last wish was to be scattered across the void. Jam-packed with acrobatics, slapstick, and mischievous antics, the clowns trip, fall, and stumble through the stages of grief in this delightful comedy of mourners.
    La Fenetre (The Window)
    Behind the sheer curtain of a Victorian apartment, two chaste lovers slowly unravel their secrets. La Fenetre (The Window), is a passage of moments like opening a black and white photo album with characters that are familiar but of another time. The butler, Sanderson, passionate but contained, desperately attempts to tell his mistress, Aurora his deepest desires. Through subtle gesticulation, cups of tea and poorly written letters, Sanderson will, at any cost, win his lady. 'La Fenetre' is a clown play about love and all the difficulties it presents.
    Perpetual Wednesday concerns a struggling magician and his side-kick who discover they have been cursed with the gift of immortality. While bumbling through time our incompetent duo find them-selves confronted by some mankind's greatest challenges and uncover the meaning of life.

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    Part of Fertile Ground: a city-wide festival of new works.