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Middle Names

Middle Names


Down Boat Arts


Action/Adventure Theater (Portland, OR)

Run Time

1 hour 5 minutes

Middle Names finds three relative strangers brought together by the death of a mutual friend. In a sweat-stained motel room in the middle of anywhere, Birchie, Ray and Eliot are forced to come to terms with their static young lives in the wake of tragedy. Drugs, desert heat, love affairs and fashion offenses drive them to gunshots and a deadly game of rock, paper, scissors. This language-based comedy-drama captures the contradictions between who you were raised to be and who you actually are. In this Shepardian wild ride, messes are made, language is mangled, and morality is blurred. The script was a national semi-finalist for the John Cauble Short Play Award in 2013. This production is the fourth collaborative effort between Playwright Corey O'Hara and Director Nate Cohen.

Part of Fertile Ground: a city-wide festival of new works.

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