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SubRosa Dance Collective Presents 'Heirloom'

SubRosa Dance Collective Presents 'Heirloom'


SubRosa Dance Collective


Clinton Street Theater (Portland, OR)

Approximate Run Time

2 hours with 1 intermission

SubRosa Dance Collective presents the world premiere of Heirloom, a collection of works that emerged from leaping into the dynamic waters of family narratives and freeing untold stories within ancestry. As ever, the Collective's exploration into the tapestries of how we find ourselves in this world renders a performance that is poignant and amusing, sweetly familiar and satisfying. Like suddenly breathing quietly into the attic of our family homes, the pieces of Heirloom speak to the layers of us that are uncovered, dusted off, opened up and examined. Joining SubRosa at the Clinton Street Theater for Heirloom are The Paper Circus, a neo-vaudeville spectacle involving acrobatics, juggling and comedy; and dance work by Lindsey Matheis, dancer with Northwest Dance Project and an inspired and impassioned choreographer in her own right. Heirloom is where the memory of our Aunt's mauve-coated lips is how we know our lips, where our Grandmother's cradled regret is passed like an heirloom into our chests, where ritual was born, where we often go to make sense of who we are it is the place where nature, nurture and spirit tangle. The Collective teases out this place with movement that is full, intricate and as present as it is indicative of the past.

Part of Fertile Ground: a city-wide festival of new works.

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