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  • World premiere of Hero's Welcome, a puppet show for
    military families, opens in Portland to honor Veteran's Day
    Dr. Sarah D. Holloway, Cultural Mythologist and puppeteer, raises funds for local organizations in support of families welcoming home a wounded parent from Iraq or Afghanistan. Mythology and Puppetry for Healing and Inspiration: The two stories presented in Hero's
    Welcome use ancient myths and folktales to explore topics that can be difficult for families to talk about when a parent returns from conflict with physical, psychological, and/or emotional wounds. "The Tiger's Whisker," a traditional Korean folktale, and "Tyr's Hand," an ancient Norse myth, help Mr. Whitney talk to the kids in the show about their fears and frustrations, and offer some suggestions on healthy ways to express their emotions and talk to their parents. Full of humor, adventure, handmade puppets, traditional music, and audience participation, Hero's Welcome appeals to children (ages 4-8) and families from all walks of life.

    Run Time

    1 hour